Monday, 21 August 2017

How to Reduce Stress

Hello, everyone! Happy Monday. I hope this blog helps you to have a great week!

Yes, I read your mind… you are stressed about something. We live in a day and age where there is always one thing or another haunting our mind. There is so much going on our lives that we constantly have something to worry about or to think about. The whole world is running, it doesn’t stop for a minute, not to wait for anyone… and you seem to be stuck in the middle of the race, trying to keep up. I know exactly how that feels!

Having a lot on your mind can leave you knackered before you even begin to be productive. It increases your cortisol levels which isn’t beneficial for the body. To reduce your stress levels, you will have to carry out both physical and mental activities. Remember that these can be linked, for example, yoga calms your mind while also working on stretching your muscles and helping your body relax.

What are some of the ways that you can reduce your stress levels? These methods will reduce your stress, giving you more room for happiness and productivity!

Meditation- this will help to reduce your stress as you are calming your mind and that causes it to slow down. Slowing down your mind can help you to make better plans, think more efficiently and be more productive, whereas a racing mind will only slow you down. A common misconception is that meditation has to be religious, but it really doesn’t have to be. You can simply listen to

Colouring- using adult colouring books (or even kids colouring books, I’m not judging) to colour can be a very calming process for some people. In this time, people do whatever they know will help them to destress. For example, some people like to have a self-talk session, where they discuss things with themselves, analyse things and come up to conclusions.

Bathing- sitting in a bath tub, soaking in warm water is the most effective way to soothe aching muscles. This is also calming to the mind as in that time you can forget everything and just relax. This is also time for book lovers to whip out a book they haven’t got around to reading yet and read it in a calm and quiet atmosphere. If you’re not a big fan of reading, then it’s also great to just close your eyes, sit back and relax. Another soothing and relaxing element of baths is aromatherapy. This comes from essential oils, Epsom salts, bath soaks and candles. My personal favourites are Radox Bath soaks and candles as they are both relaxing and smell great!

Take a nap- sometimes the only solution is to simply put everything away, go to sleep and wake up feeling more refreshed than you were before. This can help some people to be more productive as when we are tired, our brain literally starts lagging. This means that even if we are pushing ourselves to stay awake and finish whatever it is that we are doing, we may not be giving our 100%. So, isn’t it just better to curl up cosy in bed and sleep, then wake up ready to take over the world? Come on, I know you want to…

Down time- as much as we may love those around us, every once in a while, it is healthy to have some alone time. I like to call this ‘me time’ because this is when I can stay in solitude and enjoy my own company. Mind you, there are some people who don’t like to be alone and that’s simply because they haven’t learnt the difference between being alone and being lonely. Sometimes, it really is essential to learn to enjoy your own company because, despite everything, you need to know yourself. Yes, there are people in our lives that we dearly love and simply can’t go a day without, so don’t you want to be the best version of yourself for them. This happens if you invest time in yourself and make it happen, and that will happen in ‘me time’. However, spending time with friends and family can also be destressing as you can do fun things like watching movies or talking. This can also be inspirational because everyone has something to offer that you could learn from.

Nature- the most calming places in the world is a place where there are plenty of trees to provide quality air for your lungs. This is healthy for both your mind and your body. When you sit in nature, you will automatically feel the calmness overtake you, try it!

These are just some of the ways that you can reduce your stress levels. I have only recommended the methods that I have tried and tested, and trust me, they work. But at the end of the day everyone is different in their own way so these methods may work for some people but may not work for others. You have to try and test methods before you know which ones work best for you.

Comment below;

Have you already tried any of the above methods and what were your experiences?

Are you going to try these methods? If so, let me know which ones work best for you.

Are there any methods that I have missed out that you find work great?

Share your experiences below and let’s build this community! Share this post with those who you think might need help to reduce their stress levels.

Thank you for reading, especially if you’ve made it this far (comment a heart emoji if you read all the way to the end.)

~ Prabhpreet

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Apprenticeship VS University

Hi my lovelies,

Let's talk about and discuss on this Thursday's topic; Apprenticeship vs University!

So, depending on where you live it may or may not be mandatory to finish until high school, but here in the UK and in most places nowadays (I think) you have to finish high school first  then you decide whether to go for higher education, further education or straight to a job.

I did primary school, high school, 2 years in college; doing 2 of my subjects that are beauty and media and NOW I'm looking for a level 3 apprenticeship preferably or a job either in media (preferably again) or customer service instead of going to University like everyone else. That's a little background information on my education.

So now without any delays let's get the discussion started!

1) Apprenticeship: you earn money while you learn the skills and have the work experience and hopefully by the end of your apprenticeship you move up in levels or have a secure place within the field you do your apprenticeship in (same company or workshop) or both! However, in University you learn the required skills for your course or field of work then look for a job.

2) Apprenticeship can vary in duration; years, timing etc. because, again, depending on the level you’re at and whether you want to do another year BUT at a  higher level whereas in University, it's normally 3-4 years depending on your course chosen plus extra for more qualifications and work.

3) Apprenticeship you work your way up and get more confidence, connections with other people and industry etc. University you can also work your way up if desired and are more range of degrees to go for depending on course and university choices.

4) Apprenticeship: coursework and theory work, practical, hands-on work majority of the time but in university it's all theoretical work unless your course requires practical work.

5) Apprenticeship; if you don't like exams or  feel you aren’t not good at it then apprenticeship is best for you; majority of the times whereas if you're good at exams, theory and complex stuff then university may suit you better!

6) Apprenticeship; more flexibility and more creative. You learn in a few different areas such as class rooms, workshop or company place etc. University it's at a lecture room normally and it's more logical.

Take home tip (if you like); just because your friends or family members went university or did an apprenticeship doesn't mean you have to! Do what suits you and if you're unsure then choose and look for an opportunity that you like the sound and requirements of and you can drop out if you really don't like it rather than focusing yourself into doing something you dislike!

That take home advice I'm using right now. Everyone I know went university or are going university but not me because 1) -6) apply to me so that's what I'll do. So what if I'm not following the crowd?

You can comment below or on @toobasicblog social media sites letting us know which suits you, what are your current and future plans and why. Let me know whether you agree with me today or not and share your thoughts. We'll love to hear from you and look forward to replying to you.
~ Komal

Success Mentality

Do you ever think yourself to have such great ideas but don’t know exactly how to elevate them into a life size project? Do you have too much going on in your mind that you can't make sense of it all?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I have had many ideas over the years, but been unable to elevate them, simply because I didn’t know HOW. How to start, how to make it last, how to make it grow and how to develop it. Sometimes, we think so much that there seems to be a mess in our brains. That is just our creativity being let out in the wrong way.

The first thing you need to do is to use that creativity in the right way. Whatever your method may be, from mind-maps to talking it out with a friend; use it! You need to get your brain out of the muddle that it is in, and to do so you must organise your thoughts. Your ideas need an outlet for you to be able to make sense of them. This way, you can also be focused on specific short terms goals for the meantime to help you to get started and continue through. So, what are you waiting for? Whip out those coloured pens and A3 papers and get started on that wonderful mind-map! Or, you know, you could be boring and call a friend or something…

The second step is one that helps me a lot. This is to only listen and engage with positive people. Be friends with people who will help elevate you as a human being. Those with a positive mentality, those who can see the good in bad situations and their most reassuring advice is “it happened because it was meant to.” Be friends with those who help without expecting anything in return. Those who get happy to see you rising, not those who find pleasure in seeing you fall. But before that, make sure you have all these qualities within yourself so that you get what you give out.

This last step is one that is the most important of all. You need to have the right mentality. You need to be happy within yourself and focused on your goals. You need to work hard on your ideas, whether it be to start a blog (aye!), or to start a YouTube channel. Anything you want to do, you won’t be able to do unless you love it so much that you WANT to do it, and you WANT to invest your precious time into it. How can I do that, you may ask. Well, one of the ways that I have adapted is to listen to great people and watch their videos to help me. You need to be constantly learning. I get this from some YouTubers such as iiSuperwomanii (especially her vlogs) and Infinite Waters. I enjoy their videos because they promote positive mind-sets and share their ideas of how to improve yourself as a human being which is something I appreciate a lot.

To finish off, I need to mention that to be in the right mentality you need to keep yourself mentally healthy. This means to pamper yourself from time to time, enjoy new experiences and make memories with loved ones. Most importantly, work on making yourself a better person than you were before and working on making your mind-set great because, at the end of the day, mind-set really is everything. You attract the sort of energy you give out so if your mind-set is good, you will attract people with similar mind-sets. This isn't just for work related projects, but also for day to day life.
Hope you enjoyed this blog and will take something away from it! Leave me a comment below letting me know what your thoughts are and let's discuss this further! You can also share your opinions on our Instagram & Twitter; @toobasicblog

Finally, good luck to all those who are receiving their A Level results today! Just remember to that everything happens for a reason!
See you next time, here on TooBasicBlog

~ Prabhpreet

Monday, 14 August 2017


Good morning (except if it’s not morning where you are, in that case adapt the greeting to your suitability.)  

We are Prabhpreet and Komal from TooBasicBlog and this is our introductionary post.

We are both at the age of 18, have studied in secondary school together and have become very close friends since then. However, we have had our fair share of ups and downs, we often have different styles and opinions and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Komal describes Prabhpreet as a “tom boy who is not too tom boy” LOL! She is someone who isn’t that much into fashion and make-up, but does value things such as religion, traditions and genuine life experiences. She is straightforward, gets down to business and doesn’t mess around, although this can be misinterpreted, as you will soon find out how by continuing to read our blogs! 

On the other hand, Komal is the complete opposite. She indulges in all things hair and beauty. She loves to share daily aspects of her life such as reviews, day trips and thoughts. She is a girly-girl who likes pink things!

Together we are a fun combination! On this blog, you can expect a wide range of topics. From make-up looks to poetry. From outfits to lifestyle tips. From pampering yourself to working your butt off!

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How to Reduce Stress

Hello, everyone! Happy Monday. I hope this blog helps you to have a great week! Yes, I read your mind… yo...